Top 5 Lip Makeup Trends 2023

We all have been following the 2023 makeup trends, including the Barbie movie’s inspired Barbie Makeup Look and Hailey Bieber’s inspired Strawberry Allure Makeup and whatnot.

2023 is not just a year of trending makeup looks but lip makeup trends, all thanks to social media.

But what are the popular Lip Makeup Trends 2023?

In this MakeupShift guide, we will share all the top 5 lip makeup trends in 2023.

Whether you are looking for bold lips makeup ideas or casually want to know about the trending lip makeup in 2023, MakeupShift got you covered.

So, let’s get started!

Top 5 Lip Makeup Trends of 2023

Here are the top 5 lip makeup trends of 2023:

1.      Bold and Glossy Ombré Lips:

Glossy Ombre Lips

Ombré lips or gradient lips makeup continue to be a popular trend in 2023 but with a bold twist. Instead of the traditional matte ombré look, this year is all about bold, glossy ombré lips.

Picture a gradient effect that transitions from a deep, rich colour at the outer corners to a brighter shade at the centre of the lips, and all finished with a high-shine gloss. This style adds dimension and draws attention to the lips in a captivating way.

How to Create:

·         Prep Your Lips:

Start by prepping your lips. Exfoliate them gently using a lip exfoliator or balm to ensure a smooth canvas. If you have any dry or flaky skin, gently remove it. Apply a lip primer if you have one to help your lip colour adhere better and last longer.

·         Line and Fill:

Choose a lip liner that matches the deeper shade you’ll be using for the outer corners of your lips, and we recommend you use LA Girl Lip Liner.

Line your lips as you normally would, focusing on slightly overlining the corners to create the ombré effect. Then, fill in your lips with the lip liner. This will provide a base for the lip colours and enhance their staying power.

·         Apply the Deep Shade:

Apply a deeper shade of lip colour to the outer corners of your lips. You can use a lip brush or the applicator with the lipstick.

Start at the outer corners and blend the colour towards the centre of your lips. You want the outer edges to be the darkest and gradually fade as you move inward.

·         Apply the Bright Shade:

Next, apply the brighter shade of lip colour to the centre of your lips over the deep shade. Use the same blending technique, but focus on the centre of your lips. The goal is to create a seamless gradient between the two colours.

·         Blend the Colors:

With a clean lip brush or your fingertip, gently blend the boundary between the two lip colours to create a smooth transition. The deep shade should seamlessly fade into the bright shade, creating the gradient lip effect.

·         Add Gloss:

Apply a clear gloss over the entire lip area to achieve a glossy finish. The gloss will add shine and dimension to your ombré lips. You can apply a generous layer for a high-shine look or a lighter layer for a more subtle gloss.

2.      Monochromatic Lip and Eye Pairing:

Monochromatic Lip & Eye pairing

Matching your lip colour with your eye makeup has been a classic technique, but in 2023, the monochromatic look is taking centre stage.

This trend involves using the same shade or slightly varied tone for your lips and eye makeup. The result is a harmonious and cohesive appearance that ties your whole look together, making your features stand out subtly yet captivatingly.

How to Create:

Creating a monochromatic lip and eye pairing makeup look involves using the same or similar shades for your lips and eyes.

This creates a harmonious and cohesive appearance that ties together your makeup look.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to achieving a monochromatic lip and eye pairing:

·         Prep Your Face:

Start with a clean and moisturized face. Apply a makeup primer to create a smooth base for your makeup and help it last longer. You can also apply a foundation or tinted moisturizer if desired.

·         Choose Your Shade:

Select a shade you want to use for your eyes and lips. This shade should be versatile enough to work well in both areas. Earthy tones like rosy pinks, warm terracottas, and nude browns are often great choices for a monochromatic look.

We recommend you pick the cool-toned eyeshadow palette to create a monochromatic lip and eye pairing makeup look.

·         Eye Makeup:

Apply the chosen eyeshadow shade to your eyelids. Start by applying a base shade all over the lids, and then use slightly darker shades to define the crease and outer corners.

You can also add a touch of shimmer or highlighter to the inner corners of your eyes for a brightening effect. Blend the eyeshadow well to achieve a seamless transition between the shades.

·         Eyeliner and Mascara:

Line your upper lash line with a soft eyeliner like Grip Precision Felt Waterproof Loreal Eyeliner in a complementary shade.

This step is optional but can add a definition to your eyes. Finish your eye makeup by applying Apple’s Super Lash Mascara to your lashes for a polished look.

·         Lip Makeup:

Apply the lip colour in the same shade as your eyeshadow. Pick a lipstick set like Lana Del Rey Lipstick, where you can have multiple colours to choose from in one set.

Use a lip brush for precise application, especially with a bold or dark shade. Fill in your lips evenly and slightly overline them to create the illusion of fuller lips.

·         Blush:

If you’d like to add an extra touch of colour to your cheeks, choose a blush shade that complements your monochromatic look. Apply it to the apples of your cheeks and blend well.

3.      Metallic and Foiled Lips:

Metallic and Foiled Lip

Metallic and foiled lip colours are making a bold statement this year. These lip products are infused with shimmering particles, creating a high-shine, metallic finish that catches the light beautifully.

Whether a soft rose gold or an intense silver, metallic lips are a surefire way to make a statement. Pair them with neutral eye makeup to let your lips truly shine.

How to Create:

Creating metallic and foiled lips involves using lip products with shimmering or metallic finishes to achieve a high-shine and eye-catching effect.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you achieve this trendy lip look:

Matte vs. Glossy Lip Products:

To prep your lips for the showdown between matte vs. glossy lip products, begin with a lip exfoliator or a soft toothbrush. This eliminates dry or flaky skin, ensuring a flawless canvas. Before making your choice, apply a nourishing lip balm for added moisture.

·         Apply Metallic or Foiled Lip Color:

Choose a metallic or foiled lip colour in the shade you desire. These lip products are formulated with shimmering particles to create a metallic, reflective finish.

Use the applicator that comes with the product or a lip brush for precise application. Start by applying the product to the centre of your lips, then work outward.

·         Layer for Intensity:

You can apply a second layer of lip colour to achieve a more intense metallic or foiled effect. This will enhance the shimmer and shine, creating a bold statement.

·         Add Lip Gloss:

You can apply a clear lip gloss like LA Colors Lip Oil over the metallic or foiled lip colour for an even more dazzling effect.

This step will intensify the shine and add dimension to your lips. Apply the gloss to the centre of your lips and gently press your lips together to distribute it.

·         Avoid Overloading Other Makeup:

Since metallic lips are already attention-grabbing, keeping the rest of your makeup relatively understated is a good idea. Use neutral or softly shimmering eye makeup and a natural blush to balance the look.

4.      Stained and Blurred Lips:

Stained and Blurred Lip

The Best lipsticks for all skin tones can not be completed without stained and blurred lips. The ‘just-kissed’ or stained lip effect is gaining popularity as a more natural and effortless lip trend in 2023.

This look involves softly blurring the edges of your Lip care tips for soft lips to create a lived-in, stained effect. It’s a great option for those who prefer a low-maintenance yet alluring lip look. Choose soft, muted tones like dusty pinks and rosy nudes to achieve this romantic and understated style.

How to Create:

Creating stained and blurred lips gives you a soft, natural makeup look miming the ‘just-kissed’ effect. This style is perfect for a subtle and effortless appearance.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to achieving stained and blurred lips:

·         Prep Your Lips:

Start by exfoliating your lips with a lip exfoliator or a soft toothbrush. This step helps to remove any dead skin and create a smooth canvas. Apply a lip balm to moisturize your lips.

·         Apply Lip Tint or Lip Stain:

Choose a lip tint or stain in a shade that complements your natural colour. Lip tints or stains are ideal for creating a soft, diffused look.

Apply the product directly to the centre of your lips, and then use a lip brush or your fingertip to gently blend the colour outward toward the edges of your lips. Avoid applying too much product at once. Start with a small amount and build up the colour as needed.

·         Blur the Edges:

To achieve the blurred effect, gently blur the edges of the lip colour using your fingertip or a clean lip brush. Softly smudge the colour along the lip line, focusing on the outer edges. This technique creates a lived-in appearance that looks natural and effortless.

·         Add Lip Gloss:

If you want to add a touch of shine, apply a clear lip gloss to the centre of your lips. This step enhances the stained effect and gives your lips a plump appearance.

·         Clean Up Edges:

Use a small concealer brush or a cotton swab dipped in oil-free concealer to clean up any edges or correct mistakes around your lipline.

5.      Lip Embellishments:

Lip Embellishment

This year, lip art is taking a creative turn using lip embellishments. Adorning your lips with tiny crystals, metallic studs, or other decorative elements adds a touch of glamour and uniqueness to your makeup look.

Lip embellishments can be strategically placed along the lip line or used to create intricate designs. This trend allows for personal expression and experimentation, making every lip look like a work of art.

How to Create:

Creating lip embellishments is a creative and unique way to add flair to your makeup look. Whether you’re attending a special event or costume party or want to express your artistic side, lip embellishments can be a fun addition.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating lip embellishments:

·         Choose Your Embellishments:

Select the decorative elements you want to use on your lips. These can be small crystals, studs, sequins, or any other lip-safe embellishments you like. Make sure they are clean and ready for application.

·         Apply Lip-Safe Adhesive:

Using a small brush or the applicator that comes with your adhesive, apply a tiny amount of lip-safe adhesive or eyelash glue to the back of each embellishment. Be careful not to apply too much glue to prevent any discomfort on your lips.

·         Place the Embellishments:

Use tweezers to carefully pick up each embellishment and place it onto your lips. You can create patterns, lines, shapes, or whatever design you have in mind. Take your time to ensure the elements are positioned exactly as you want them.

·         Press Gently:

Once you’ve placed the embellishments, press down gently to secure them. Be careful not to press too hard, as this could smudge your lipstick or create an uneven texture.

·         Seal with Clear Lip Gloss:

If you’d like to add a layer of protection and shine, apply a clear lip gloss over the embellishments. This step can also help the embellishments stay in place longer.

·         Removal:

When you’re ready to remove the embellishments, gently peel them off your lips. Use a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover to clean up any residue from the adhesive.

Last Words

In a nutshell, we discussed the top 5 lip makeup trends in 2023. After great research, the lip trends we discussed above have made it to our post. You can follow any lip makeup trend you like.

Remember, while these trends are popular in 2023, the most important thing is to have fun and express your style through your makeup choices. Whether you prefer bold, daring, subtle, or natural, there’s a lip trend for everyone to enjoy this year.

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