Top 3 Kiss Me Mascara Review

Have you ever tried any of ‘Kiss Me Mascara’?

Kiss Me is a famous Japanese beauty brand that has established its name in the Japanese beauty world for its exceptional makeup quality and high-end formulas.

The brand’s commitment to excellence is reflected in its wide range of products, catering to every aspect of a woman’s beauty routine.

From primers to foundations, blushes to mascaras, and everything in between, Kiss Me offers a broad selection of makeup products that enhance natural beauty and empower people to express their unique style.

Kiss Me Mascaras are one of their most hyped makeup products, every Japanese celebrity and beauty influencer talked about Kiss Me Mascara.

Therefore, we decided to give a detailed review of the top 3 Kiss Me Mascaras. If you are planning on buying any Kiss Me Mascara then this guide will help you make a wise decision.

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About the ‘Kiss Me’ Brand

‘Kiss Me’ is a famous Japanese beauty brand that is owned by Isehan, a trusted company in the cosmetics industry.

With a rich history spanning many years, Kiss Me has become a meaningful brand with high-quality makeup products that capture the essence of Japanese beauty traditions.

The brand is known for its commitment to innovation, constantly striving to develop new and exciting formulas that deliver exceptional results.

Kiss Me offers a wide range of cosmetics, including foundations, mascaras, eyeliners, lip products, and more, all designed to enhance natural beauty and empower individuals to express their unique style.

With its strong emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction, Kiss Me continues to be a go-to choice for beauty lovers seeking reliable and impressive makeup options.

Top 3 ‘Kiss Me Mascara’ in 2023

1.      Kiss Me Heroine Make Long & Curl Advanced Film Mascara

Kiss Me Heroine Make Long & Curl Advanced Mascara

Heroine Make Long & Curl Advanced Film Mascara is one of Kiss Me hyped mascaras because of its exceptional quality and great formula.

This mascara is specially formulated with Panda-eye guard technology, which means it prevents smudging or smearing, even during the most challenging situations.

Its high-end ingredients make it water and sebum-resistant, ensuring that it stays intact throughout the day without any flaking or clumping.

The key ingredients, such as Camellia Oil, Royal Jelly Extract, Wild Rose Oil, and Cinnabar Fruit Oil, contribute to its nourishing and conditioning properties, promoting healthy and luscious lashes.

The mascara is designed with 5mm long extension fibers that add incredible length and volume to the lashes, creating a mesmerizing effect.

The wand of this Kiss Me Mascara is very precise and has a curling spoolie to give a healthier curl to your lashes.

It comes in two colors, J’et Black Black’ and ‘Brown.’ You can use Brown color for your eyebrows and Jet Black for your lashes.

It contains shape-retaining ingredients that keep the curl locked in place all day long, ensuring that your lashes stay lifted and beautifully curled.

What’s more, removing this mascara is a breeze as it can be easily washed off with facial cleanser or soaked in lukewarm water without the need for harsh rubbing.

The Heroine Make Long & Curl Advanced Film Mascara is a true game-changer, providing long-lasting, stunning lashes that are both effortless to achieve and effortless to remove.

Watch this video to know how to apply ‘Kiss Me Heroine Make Long & Advanced Curl Mascara.’

Packaging & Pricing

Kiss Me Heroine Make Long & Curl Advanced Film Mascara comes in a very cute black bottle with a double-tone pink lid.

You can get this Kiss Me Mascara for $15 from:


  • Designed with 5mm long extensions fiber
  • Waterproof and extremely long-lasting
  • The wand of the mascara is very precise
  • Formulated with panda-eye guard technology
  • All the ingredients are safe for the eyes
  • Comes in two colors


  • The brand claims that it can remove easily with any facial cleanser but you will need an oil-based cleanser to remove it completely.

Do we recommend Heroine Make Long & Curl Advanced Film Mascara?

Yes, we totally recommend Kiss Me Heroine Make Long & Curl Advanced Film Mascara for its exceptional formulation and result.

It does not contain any gluten-derived ingredients which means it is gluten-free and a safe choice for ethical beauty.

Based on our testing we can say that, It is safe to use this mascara even if you wear contact lenses, does not irritate the eyes, and exceptionally lengthens and volumizes the lashes.

The best thing about this Kiss Me Mascara is that it’s water, sweat, and sebum resistant which means it won’t smudge even if you are sweating, all thanks to its panda-eye guard technology.

The only thing which we don’t like about this mascara is that it can not be removed without an oil-based eye makeup remover or cleanser.

2.      Kiss Me Heroine Make Long Up Super Waterproof Mascara

Kiss Me Heroine Make Long Up Super Waterproof Mascara

Next, we have Heroine Make Long Up Super Waterproof Mascara for those who desire stunningly long lashes.

This Kiss Me mascara features innovative long EX Fiber, which helps create ultra-long lashes. The more layers you apply, the longer and more voluminous your lashes will become.

Designed with special curl-long and non-comedogenic ingredients and shape-retaining polymers, this mascara ensures that your lashes stay beautifully curled throughout the day.

Its super waterproof and durable formula resists tears, sweat, and sebum, making it perfect for long-lasting wear, you can even apply this mascara on your eyelash extensions, isn’t it great?

What sets this mascara apart is its inclusion of six types of eyelash serum ingredients, which help nourish and condition your lashes while providing an enhanced appearance.

The mascara’s separated curved wand effortlessly follows the natural shape of your eye, making application precise and easy.

It is important to note that when applying this mascara do not move the wand side to side, apply the mascara by keeping the wand straight for a beautiful clump-less finish.

Also, this mascara is a little harder to remove, you need to use a strong oil-based cleanser to remove this mascara completely from your lashes.

It is available in two classic colors, Black and Brown, allowing you to choose the shade that best complements your look. With the Heroine Make Long Up Super Waterproof Mascara, you can achieve stunning length and definition, ensuring that your lashes make a lasting impression.

Pro Tip: Use an eyelash curler to curl your lashes before applying this mascara, this will help eyelash curls last longer and upward.

Pricing & Packaging

The Kiss Me Heroine Make Long Up Super Waterproof Mascara comes in a slim black bottle with the name engraved in royal golden color. The lid of this mascara is in double-tone golden color.

The price of this Kiss Me Mascara is $15, you can get it from:


  • Super durable and long-lasting results
  • Keep lashes curled upward all-day
  • Formulated with 6 eyelash serum
  • Can be used on eyelash extensions
  • Comes with a curved wand that follows the shape of the eye
  • Smudge-proof
  • Tear and water resistant


  • Removing it is challenging
  • Not ideal to use with a natural makeup look

Do we recommend Heroine Make Long Up Super Waterproof Mascara?

Yes, if you love the dramatic lashes then this mascara is definitely for you. The more you apply this mascara the more longer and fuller the lashes.

You can apply 1 or 2 layers of this mascara and you will be surprised with how much difference it makes. If you want a natural makeup look then ditch this mascara and use the one we discussed previously.

The six eyelash serum ingredients used in this mascara help protect your lashes from damage or excessive fallout.

We tried and tested this mascara and like it more for full glam makeup looks but, we really find it challenging to remove it completely from the lashes.

3.      Kiss Me Heroine Make Micro Mascara Advanced Film

Kiss Me Heroine Make Micro Advanced Film mascara

Last but not least, we have Kiss Me Heroine Make Micro Advanced Film Mascara for creating beautifully natural and long lashes.

This mascara uses advanced film technology for a smudge-proof effect all day. It includes an ultra-fine brush that can effortlessly cover even the shortest and thinnest eyelashes.

With each application, this mascara coats every lash, allowing them to appear naturally long and defined. Like the other two mascaras discussed, it is also water-resistant, ensuring that it stays intact even when faced with tears or rubbing.

Before you apply this mascara, stir the excess product on the brush, and use an eyelash curler to curl the lashes for more long-lasting results.

For extra volume, apply multiple layers of this Kiss Me mascara but don’t wait to let the previous layer dry else it will make your lashes clumpy.

This Kiss Me mascara is cruelty-free which means the brand does not test it on animals or use any ingredients derived from animals.

When it’s time to remove your makeup, this mascara is easy to take off compared to the other two mascaras.

Pro Tip: Use Kiss Me Heroine Speedy Mascara Remover to remove the mascara, it will help you remove mascara gently without any additional rubbing.

Pricing & Packaging

The Heroine Make Micro Advanced Film Mascara comes in very easy-to-open packaging, a black bottle with a double-tone pink and golden lid.

You can get Kiss Me Micro Advanced mascara for $15 from:


  • Microfiber essence
  • Ultra-fine brush
  • Covers each lash
  • Sulfate and Parabens free
  • Surprisingly longlasting
  • Safe for sensitive eyes


  • Do not work on eyelash extensions
  • Might need multiple coatings for desired finish

Do we recommend Kiss Me Heroine Make Micro Advanced Film Mascara?

The performance of this mascara is quite the same as the Heroine Make Long & Curl Advanced Film Mascara, both mascaras cost $15 and there is not much difference in their performance.

However, we like the other two mascaras more than this because you need to apply multiple layers of this mascara to get your desired finish.

Whereas, with the other two mascaras you can get your desired finish in 2 or 3 coats. Also, we don’t find this mascara to be friendly with eyelash extensions.

Unlike the other two mascaras, Heroine Make Micro Mascara comes off more easily. This mascara is recommended if you want natural lashes as its ultra-fine brush cover even the shortest and the tiniest lashes.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

         i.            Does ‘Kiss Me’ have lipsticks?

Yes, Kiss Me has a wide range of lip products including lipsticks, lip liners, lip toppers, lip balm, lip brushes, and more. Kiss Me ‘Adult Loose Feeling Rouge’ is one of their best seller lip products.

       ii.            Which is the best Kiss Me mascara remover?

The best and most highly recommended Kiss Me mascara remover is ‘Kiss Me Heroine Make Speedy Mascara Remover.’

This product is specifically designed to remove their long-lasting mascara formulas. It is often praised for its effectiveness in removing stubborn mascara while being gentle on the lashes and eye area.

     iii.            Does ‘Kiss Me’ have contouring products?

No, the brand does not offer any contouring products. However, in the future ‘Kiss Me’ might come up with contouring products.

Final Verdict

‘Kiss Me’ is a Japanese beauty brand owned by a famous cosmetic company ‘Isehan.’ The brand offers a wide range of beauty products that are safe and clean to use.

In this guide, we reviewed the top 3 Kiss Me Mascara. From performance to formula, and packaging to pricing we covered every little detail.

All three mascaras we discussed cost $15 and are exceptionally great when it comes to long-lasting, lengthening, and volume.

You can buy any mascara you like, we recommend you go with Heroine Make Long & Curl Advanced Film Mascara for glam makeup looks, and natural and everyday makeup looks go with Heroine Make Micro Advanced Mascara.

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