Redefine Your Lash Game: Apple’s Super Lash Mascara Review

In today’s MakeupShift series, we will review the hyped Super Lash Mascara By Apple Cosmetics.

We all love high-end mascaras that cost us a fortune, but we can’t resist buying them because of their formula and performance. Not everyone can afford a $30 mascara, so we thought to find the best affordable mascara that might beat the high-end mascara.

Super Lash Mascara by apple cosmetics is one such mascara that is affordable and is hyped for its results on social media platforms. Therefore, we decided to try the Apple mascara and give a detailed honest review about the mascara.

In this review, we will discuss everything about Super Lash Mascara, from formula to price, and we will also compare it with a high-end mascara to see whether or not it’s better than the high-end mascara. So, stick to the end!

About by Apple Cosmetics

‘Byapple Cosmetics’ is a renowned and innovative USA beauty brand that has taken the cosmetics industry by storm.

Established in 2010 by a team of passionate and visionary entrepreneurs, the company has quickly risen to prominence for its commitment to producing high-quality, cruelty-free beauty products.

What sets ‘Byapple’ apart is its steady dedication to research and development. The brand continually pushes the boundaries of innovation, harnessing cutting-edge technology and natural ingredients to create various revolutionary beauty solutions.

From skincare essentials that serve a variety of skin types and concerns to a vast collection of makeup products that reflect the latest trends and timeless classics, ‘Byapple’ strives to enhance every individual’s unique beauty and self-expression.

With a solid online presence and a growing number of physical stores in major cities globally, ‘Byapple Cosmetics’ has successfully carved a niche in the competitive beauty industry.

Mascara by Apple | Super Lash Mascara Review

Super Lash Mascara

·         Super Lash Mascara Formula

The formula is the first thing we notice in mascara before putting it into testing. The Super Lash Mascara boasts a unique blend of nourishing, high-performance, and gluten-free ingredients.

At the core of its formulation is a lash-loving cocktail of vitamins, proteins, and natural extracts that works together to promote lash health and strength. This carefully curated mix helps to condition and fortify each lash from root to tip, preventing breakage and ensuring lashes remain supple and resilient.

The mascara’s cutting-edge formula features an ultra-rich pigment concentration, coating lashes with intense, deep-black color in just a single stroke.

This high-opacity pigment ensures a bold and dramatic look that instantly enhances the eyes, making them appear larger and more captivating.

The formula’s long-lasting properties keep lashes volumized, curled, and separated throughout the day, resisting smudging or flaking, thus maintaining a flawless and alluring gaze.

To ensure a smooth and effortless application, the Super Lash Mascara Apple is enriched with a lightweight yet buildable texture that glides onto lashes without clumping or weighing them down.

Its innovative wand design, crafted with precision bristles, allows for easy flexibility, capturing even the tiniest lashes at the corners, creating a complete, fluttery lash effect.

Apple Cosmetics’ commitment to quality and clean beauty products is further exemplified by the mascara’s hypoallergenic and ophthalmologist-tested formula, making it suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. The brand’s cruelty-free standard is also upheld, ensuring that the Super Lash Mascara is never tested on animals.

·         Super Lash Mascara Color Variants

The Super Lash Mascara Apple is available in 14 color variants:

Super Lash Mascara Color Variants
  1. Super Lash Mascara Almond
  2. Super Lash Mascara Avocado
  3. Super Lash Mascara Pink & Green
  4. Super Lash Mascara Aloe
  5. Super Lash Mascara Black
  6. Super Lash Mascara Blue
  7. Super Lash Mascara Brown
  8. Super Lash Mascara Ceramide
  9. Super Lash Mascara Cristal
  10. Super Lash Mascara Jojoba
  11. Super Lash Mascara Mamey
  12. Super Lash Mascara Peanut
  13. Super Lash Mascara Purple
  14. Super Lash Mascara Water Lash Black

Whether you want to create a green eye look or blue eye makeup look, this mascara by Apple has all the desired color variants.

·         Super Lash Mascara Ingredients

The Super Lash Mascara by Apple ingredients are entirely natural and non-toxic. The key elements are:

  • Almond Oil
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Glycerin
  • Ceramides

·         Super Lash Mascara Price

The price of Super Lash Mascara is $2.49. You can buy it from:

Our Thoughts on Super Lash Mascara by Apple

Super Lash Mascara byApple

Now that we have discussed everything about the Apple mascara, it’s time to share our thoughts about the Super Lash Mascara. At first, we expected nothing much, but it might just lift the lashes to make them look presentable because the price for the mascara is so low.

But, Guess What?

We were wrong! This mascara is nothing short of amazing. We first tested it using an eyelash curler comb so the lashes were lifted and separated evenly.

Then we started applying the mascara. It was a little messy, but it worked like the high-end IL Makiage Icon High Volume & Intense Curl Mascara once we used it on the lashes.

After combing them with an eyelash curler, it holds up the curls and does not straighten the lashes like most mascara. We tested it on both upper and lower lashes. It does not smudge or clump on lashes and gives a nice length and volume.

The best part about this Apple Mascara is it is water-resistant, which we least expected from this $2.49 mascara. It comes off easily with a gentle eye makeup remover and does not break the lashes while you rub it with a cotton pad.

Overall, it’s the best affordable mascara we tried so far, and it’s not wrong to say that it lives up to the hype and is better than the high-end mascaras.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

        I.            Is Super Lash Mascara Waterproof?

Yes, the Super Lash Mascara is waterproof.

      II.            Which is the Best Affordable Mascara That Makes Lashes Longer?

If you are looking for an affordable mascara that makes lashes longer, look no further than Super Lash Mascara Jojoba.

    III.            Can We Put Super Lash Mascara on Eyelash Extension?

Yes, you can safely put Super Lash Mascara by Apple on eyelash extensions as it does not clump on the lashes and comes off quickly without rubbing. It’s a good mascara to put on eyelash extensions for a more dramatic and volumizing effect.

Last Words

In a nutshell, we reviewed the affordable and hyped Apple mascara called ‘Super Lash Mascara.’

The mascara’s formula is unique, making it better than the expensive, high-end mascaras. It’s so inexpensive, and the performance matches the hype.

We tested this mascara, and the application is so easy. The mascara wand is classic, not fancy, and applies easily and evenly on lashes.

It is available in 14 color variants, each formulated for a different purpose. The Apple mascara covers you all, whether you want to lengthen your lashes or strengthen them.

Overall, it’s a great mascara considering the price. It is mindblowing. If you are looking for high-end mascara on a budget, grab your hands on Super Lash Mascara by Apple.

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