NYX Mauve Lip Liner Review: NYX Slim Lip Pencil

Lip liners have become everyone’s favorite especially when it comes to redefining lips or simply applying lipliner to make lipstick stay longer.

The makeup trends this year are all about ‘Nude Makeup’, ‘Natural Makeup,’ and ‘Brown Latte Makeup.’

For a ‘Nude Makeup Look,’ all we need is a lightweight foundation, nude lipstick, nude lip liner, oil-free concealer, contour, and bronzer.

NYX has some really great options for nude lipliners to complete any makeup look. NYX Mauve Lip Liner is one such Nyx lipliner that has a breathtaking nude color.  

In this guide, we will review NYX Mauve lip liner from the NYX Slim Lip Pencil range. You will find everything about NYX Mauve lip pencil below including formula, swatch, dupe, and price.

So, without much ado let’s get started!

NYX Mauve Lip Liner: Complete Review

Nyx Mauve Lip Liner

About NYX Mauve Lip Liner

NYX Mauve lip liner is from the NYX Slim Lip Pencil range. The range has 31 colors including reds, pinks, browns, and nudes.

The ‘Mauve Lip Liner’ is a mixture of nude brown and pink colors which is why it is the hot seller color from the entire range and makes such a beautiful nude color on lips.

This ‘Mauve’ shade is best for people with light skin tones. This Nyx lipliner does not make your complexion looks dull like the other nude shades but, complements your skin tone by defining perfect nude lips.

·         Formula

The formula of Nyx Mauve lip liner is very creamy, lightweight, and long-lasting. The formula is buttery glides on lips like butter, the soft-buttery formula makes the application easy.

Unlike, the lipliners with a dry texture, Nyx mauve liner texture is rich and creamy and does not make lips dry or flaky.

The formula of Nyx Mauve lip liner is smudge-proof and water-resistant. You don’t have to worry about your lipstick vanishing after eating or drinking, this lipliner can make your lipstick stay longer without fading.

·         Finish

Nyx Mauve Lip Liner Finish

The finish of Nyx Mauve lip liner is velvety matte. The finish is natural no shimmering particles, you can get the rich pigment in just one application.

If you don’t want to apply lipstick to fill in your lips for natural makeup look then you can simply use the lip liner as lipstick as well.

Moreover, to add shine and a glossy finish, you can apply lip oil on top of this lip liner. We recommend you LA Colors Lip Oil as it’s inexpensive and provides the right amount of shine for fuller-looking lips.

·         Ingredients

All the ingredients used to formulate the NYX Mauve lip pencil are cruelty-free, vegan, and gluten-free.

The lip liner is formulated considering ethical beauty standards and providing the best to people with gluten-sensitivity or celiac disease issues.

The key ingredients used in formulating the Nyx Mauve lip liner are Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, and Shea Butter.

·         Packaging

The Nyx Mauve Lip Liner comes in a very slim and trim pencil with a sharp tip for easy application. The lipliner size is perfect to carry inside a purse.

·         Price

The Nyx Mauve lip liner price is $5. You can get it from:

·         Nyx Mauve Lip Liner Swatch

Below we have attached the Nyx Mauve lip liner swatch. You can visit Nyx’s official website and virtually try the shade to know whether or not the shade matches your expectations.

Nyx Mauve Lip Liner Swatch

·         Performance

The performance of Nyx Mauve lip liner is not like a random $5 lip liner. The lip liner stays longer than expected.

The tip of Nyx Mauve lip liner is very precise and sharp which makes it perfect to redefine lips shape.

We tested this lipliner by applying Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick on top which is quite rich in pigment and coverage and it passed the test. It does not feel heavy and wears well throughout the day.

The formula of this lipliner is not justifiable for $5, it glides on lips like butter. The application is so smooth and the best thing is the hydrating ingredients of NYX Mauve Lip Liner which not just hydrates lips but also heals them.

The pigment is rich and intense, you can get a full-color payoff in a single stroke. If you are applying this Mauve lipliner without lipstick it might look a bit drying on the lips.

The only thing we don’t like about Nyx Slim Lip Pencil is it is not formulated to survive oily eating. If you are having an oily food item the lipliner will smudge.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

        I.            Which is Nyx Mauve Lip Liner Dupe?

If you are looking for Nyx Mauve lip liner dupe then you can definitely go for LA Girl Perfect Precision Lipliner in shade ‘Flash.’

      II.            Which is the Best Nyx Mauve Lip Liner Lipstick Match?

The best Nyx Mauve lip liner lipstick match is YSL Basic Nude Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick.

    III.            Is Nyx Mauve Lip Liner for Dark Skin?

Well, it depends on personal preferences. We find Nyx Mauve lip liner best for light skin tones.

Last Words

Nyx has a great range of lipliners that beats the high-end lip liners which costs a fortune. NYX Mauve Lip Liner is one such lip liner that performs like an expensive high-end lipliner but costs only $5.

In the above sections, we reviewed NYX Mauve Lip Liner in detail including its formula, performance, price, packaging, and ingredients.

Overall, NYX Mauve Lip Liner is great, the formula is very lightweight and creamy, the application is very smooth, and it can be worn with or without lipstick on top.

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