Newly Launched Huda Beauty Concealer GloWish Bright Review

Everyone’s favorite Huda Beauty just launched its new GloWish Bright Light Hydrating Sheer Concealer and MakeupShift had to give its honest review about this Huda Beauty Concealer.

Makeup lovers are always on the lookout for products that promise to deliver both coverage and luminosity, and concealers are generally considered magical wand that provides both coverage and luminosity for flawless makeup looks without making your face look heavy.

Huda Beauty GloWish Concealer is introduced as a lightweight illuminating concealer so we couldn’t help but get our hands on this Huda Beauty Concealer.

Promising to brighten, conceal, and hydrate, this Huda Beauty concealer has generated quite a buzz in the beauty community. After testing it extensively, we can confidently say that it lives up to the hype and more.

Here’s a detailed review of the newly launched Huda Beauty Concealer.

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Where to Buy Huda Beauty GloWish Bright Light Concealer?

Huda Beauty GloWish Concealer

Newly Launched Huda Beauty GloWish Concealer Review of 2023

Huda Beauty Concealer Review

Product Overview:

Huda Beauty is a cruelty-free makeup brand owned by Huda Kattan, she recently introduced her brand’s new concealer ‘GloWish Bright Light Hydrating Sheer Vegan Concealer.’

The product claims to be lightweight, and hydrating and gives an illuminating effect by effortlessly melting into the skin.

This Huda Beauty Concealer is packed with skin-loving ingredients and is available in a wide shade range. It claims to be the best product for a natural makeup look or no-makeup makeup look.

Huda Beauty GloWish Concealer Packaging, Formula, Performance, & More

Huda Beauty GloWish Bright Light Concealer


First impressions matter, and Huda Beauty certainly understands this. The GloWish Bright Light Concealer comes in a sleek, off-white tube with a flat angled doe-foot applicator for precise application.

The packaging is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional, making it easy to cover blemishes and gives nice coverage. It exudes a sense of luxury and quality that Huda Beauty is known for.

Texture and Formula

The formula of the Bright Light Concealer is where it truly shines. It is a lightweight, creamy texture that blends effortlessly into the skin. Infused with nourishing ingredients, it not only conceals imperfections but also provides hydration, leaving your under-eye area feeling soft and supple.

The formula of this Huda Beauty Concealer is transfer-proof and non-comedogenic which means it won’t clog pores or smudge under humid weather. It instantly brightens your skin and undereye area as if you used an eye brightener.

The real magic of this concealer is its illuminating effect, it literally gives life to your dull and tired-looking face. Huda Beauty really did something magical with the formula.

It’s an oil-free concealer free from parabens, sulfates, and formaldehyde, which is a significant plus for those with sensitive skin.


The concealer offers light to medium coverage, which is buildable. This means you can choose to use just a little for a natural look or layer it for more intense coverage.

It effectively conceals dark circles, blemishes, and redness, all while imparting a radiant, lit-from-within glow. We found that it did a fantastic job of camouflaging under-eye bags, and it lasted throughout the day without creasing.

This Huda Beauty Concealer is perfect for dewy makeup looks and for the fall/winter makeup trends where all that matter is a natural glow with rosy cheeks.


The finish of the GloWish Bright Light Concealer is what truly sets it apart. As the name suggests, it imparts a beautiful luminous finish that brightens up the under-eye area.

It’s not overly shimmery or glittery but rather a healthy, radiant glow that makes you look well-rested and fresh. This is perfect for achieving that sought-after ‘Strawberry makeup look’.

Shade Range

One of the best things about this Huda Beauty concealer is the impressive shade range. With 15 diverse shades to choose from, it caters to a wide range of skin tones. We appreciated the inclusive approach that Huda Beauty took in creating shades that work for everyone


Huda Beauty GloWish Concealer Swatches


Huda Beauty GloWish Concealer is a clean beauty product infused with 95% naturally derived skin-loving ingredients that are free from sulfate, parabens, and synthetic fragrances.

The key ingredients are:

  • Blueberry Seed Oil
  • Caffeine
  • Glycerin
  • Propanediol


  • Huda Beauty GloWish concealer has a lightweight hydrating formula and given the formula, it can be applied without the need for a makeup sponge or concealer blush.
  • The concealer can be applied directly with its flat doe-foot applicator on the concerned areas like under-eyes, around the mouth, or wherever you need coverage.
  • After applying, gently press the concealer into your skin with your fingers.
  • If you want to use a makeup sponge on a concealer brush then you can remember the goal is a natural luminous finish.
  • Oily-skin folks can follow up with the light dusting of Huda Beauty Setting Powder for a long-lasting effect, dry-skin beauties can skip this part.


Not that we have discussed everything about Huda Beauty GloWish Concealer it’s time for us to share our honest thoughts on the performance of this Huda Beauty Concealer.

Given the lightweight hydrating formula this concealer really is magical. If you are more towards minimal or no-makeup makeup looks then this concealer is all you need in your vanity.

It’s really hydrating when we apply it on dry dehydrated under eyes it helps the skin rejuvenate and hydrate. It instantly brightens the undereye area without creasing or smudging for long hours.

The product claims to offer light to medium coverage but honestly, the coverage is buildable it can hide your eye bags by giving the right amount of coverage.

The illuminating effect of this Huda Beauty Concealer is what sets this concealer apart from other high-end concealers. The concealer gives your skin a very nice glow that makes you fall in love with your skin and this very kind-to-skin product.

We were pleased with how well this concealer held up throughout the day. It didn’t oxidize, crease, or settle into fine lines. Even after a full day of wear, the skin looked fresh and radiant. Of course, using a translucent setting powder can help increase its longevity, but it’s not strictly necessary.

The best thing is this concealer is formulated with 95% naturally derived ingredients which makes it suitable for almost all skin types.

In short, Huda Beauty GloWish Concealer is 100% recommended by us honestly, there’s nothing to be disappointed by this concealer from packaging to formula and coverage to finish, everything is top-notch.

Last Words

Huda Beauty’s GloWish Bright Light Concealer is a game-changer when it comes to concealing and brightening the under-eye area.

This newly launched Huda Beauty Concealer offers a lightweight hydrating formula with the right amount of luminosity effect to rock the no-makeup makeup look.

With its extensive shade range, impressive formula, skin-loving ingredients, radiant finish, and lasting power, it’s a must-have product in everyone’s makeup collection.

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