MakeupShift Tried TikTok Viral ‘Pink Under-Eye Concealer’ Hack

MakeupShift is here with another TikTok viral makeup hack for brightening under-eyes, any guesses?

Pink Under-Eye Concealer!

The pink undereye concealer-blush makeup hack is going viral as so many celebrities and beauty influencers posted videos trying the pink under-eye concealer hack to brighten the under-eye.

In this digital era, all it takes to make anything hit or miss is just a few clicks. You can find beauty hacks for any possible makeup situation all thanks to TikTok.

The Pink Undereye Concealer-Blush hack was introduced by makeup artist Spencer when he posted a video on his TikTok account (@paintedbyspencer) blending his blush up to his undereye to achieve brighten-looking eyes, and boom it went viral!

Later, many beauty content creators and celebrities including Kylie Jenner started posting videos on this makeup trend, and now that it’s actually viral MakeupShift decided to try this hack to share its honest review on the Pink Undereye Concealer hype.

In this beauty guide, we will discuss how to do Pink Undereye Makeup and we will conclude in the end whether or not the eye brightener needs to be replaced by this hack.

So, let’s get started!

Trying the Pink Undereye Concealer-Blush Hack

The pink undereye concealer hack is actually taking your blush up to your undereye area and blending it with your concealer for radiant fresh-looking eyes.

Well, there could be multiple ways to do this hack. Here we will decode how you can achieve a fresh-looking undereye with concealer-blush technique.

First Do Your Routine Makeup

The pink undereye concealer-blush hack is particularly for the undereye area so for the rest of your face do your routine makeup.

Do your skin prep, apply primer, foundation, or whatever you usually do in your makeup routine just leave the undereye area.

Technique #1 for Pink Undereye Concealer Hack

Pink undereye concealer hack 1

Now it is time for the hack to be implemented. In the video makeup artist Spencer blended pink powder blush up to his undereye area for radiant undereye.

You can go with a similar technique. After doing your full face makeup when you apply blush to the cheeks take the powder blush up to your undereye area and blend it together with the concealer.

Well, this technique is not our ultimate favorite for the pink undereye makeup hack as the powder blush might crease especially if your undereye is dry and patchy or prone to creasing.

If you don’t have a dry undereye problem then you can definitely go with this technique and it will work to lift your entire look by brightening your dull-looking undereye.

Technique #2 for Pink Undereye Concealer Hack

Pink undereye concealer hack 2

As we said the Powder blush technique for pink undereye makeup is not our ultimate favorite, the better technique was later introduced by Beauty Content Creator Alissia.

She posted a video on her TikTok account (@makeupbyalissiac) in which she saw layering the concealer-blush mixture on top of your regular concealer.

She used Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Liquid Blush mixed it with Nyx Bare With Me Concealer applied the concealer-blush mixture to the inner corners of her eyes and blended it with a beauty blender.

After layering the concealer-blush she set her undereye area with a pink setting powder and then she applied the powder blush in a similar tone to the liquid blush onto her cheeks.

There you have the transformed radiant undereye. To be honest, this technique is better than the Makeup Artist Spencer powder blush technique.

Technique #3 for Pink Undereye Concealer Hack

Pink undereye concealer hack 3

Another technique for pink undereye concealer makeup is to take your pink cream blush and apply one dot on the center of each undereye.

Then take oil-free concealer and apply it a little to the inner and outer corners of your undereye. Start blending by first going in and then blending it out.

After blending, take the pink undereye setting powder and set your undereye area, and trust us, after trying this technique you will never go back to your older concealer technique.

Final Words

The Pink Undereye Concealer hack is worth the hype. If you are still scared of trying this hack to end up walking with red undereye then we assure you it’s not gonna happen.

The Pink Undereye Concealer-Blush hack is really helpful for many reasons: it’s a great technique for color correcting your undereye area, it is great for brightening your undereye area without needing an eye brightener product, it does magic by lifting your overall appearance and transforming tired-looking undereye to radiant fresh-looking undereye.

Overall, we approve of this Pink Undereye Concealer hack. Let us know which technique you prefer for this hack and how you like the results.

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