All About The Limited Edition Huda Beauty Pretty Grunge Eyeshadow Palette

Our favorite Huda Kattan just introduced her new ‘Pretty Grunge Collection’ and OMG! The Pretty Grunge Eyeshadow Palette has already created a storm in the beauty world.

As we all know it is Halloween Season and girls we need to work on our Halloween makeup looks thanks to Huda Kattan for introducing just the right eyeshadow palette for our sultry siren eye makeup.

In this MakeupShift guide, we will discuss everything about the limited edition Huda Beauty Pretty Grunge Eyeshadow Palette and share hour honest review about the Pretty Grunge Palette.

So, let’s get started!

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Where to Buy Huda Beauty Pretty Grunge Eyeshadow Palette?

Everything About Huda Beauty Pretty Grunge Eyeshadow Palette

Huda Beauty Pretty Grunge Palette Review

Pretty Grunge Palette Overview:

Huda Beauty Pretty Grunge Eyeshadow Palette is a limited edition eyeshadow palette from the Huda Beauty ‘Pretty Grunge Collection.’

This eyeshadow palette is designed to serve the perfect grunge glam looks with half the attitude and half the grunge vibe. This limited edition eyeshadow palette features 18 ultra-pigmented shades from matte nudes to multichromatic foils and sparkly grunge blacks and silvers.

The shades of Pretty Grunge Palette are everything you need to be unapologetically modern, glam, or grunge with just the right rebel attitude.

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The Huda Beauty Pretty Grunge Eyeshadow Palette features elegant and eye-catching packaging. The palette comes in a sleek, square-shaped, and sturdy cardboard casing with a mirror inside.

The front of the palette displays stunning grunge-inspired black and silver artwork with the palette name and ‘Huda Beauty’ logo that perfectly encapsulates the essence of the eyeshadow shades inside.

Inside the palette, you will have the 18-well eyeshadow shades with their names and a good-sized mirror making it ideal to use for both makeup artists and beginners.

Color Selection:

The Pretty Grunge Palette boasts an intriguing selection of 18 eyeshadow shades, designed to create versatile and eye-catching looks.

The color range includes a combination of smokey and cool-toned eyeshadows for versatility. The shades range from nude matte to monochromatic foils, shimmery blacks and silvers, and a perfect black eye gloss allowing you to create both everyday and bold, dramatic grunge eye looks.

Texture and Formula:

Huda Beauty is renowned for its exceptional eyeshadow formulas, and the Pretty Grunge Palette is no exception. The eyeshadows in this palette have a silky velvety texture that ensures smooth application and easy blending with minimal fallout.

The formula is highly pigmented, allowing for intense color payoff with minimal effort. The matte shades are finely milled and blend seamlessly, while the shimmer shades have a high-shine finish that adds dimension and sparkle to your eye makeup.

The coverage of these eyeshadows is buildable, you can easily layer them for added intensity without worrying about creasing or fallout.


Huda Beauty is a cruelty-free makeup brand that produces 100% vegan and cruelty-free makeup products. The ingredients of Pretty Grunge Eyeshadow Palette are all skin-loving, vegan, and cruelty-free.


Pretty Grunge Palette Swatches
Swatches Shade 1-9

Pretty Grunge Palette Swatches
Swatches Shade 10-18

How to Apply Pretty Grunge Eyeshadows?

Here’s how you can apply the Pretty Grunge Eyeshadows:

  • Pretty Grunge Eyeshadow Palette features intensely pigmented shades so you first need to prime and set your eyelids with an oil-free concealer or eye primer.
  • After that apply Huda Beauty Setting Powder to set your eyelids so that the eyeshades can sit nicely on the lids and allow for easy blending.
  • Start with transition shades in the crease to create depth and dimension.
  • Build up color gradually, blending as you go, to achieve a seamless look.
  • Use the shimmer shades to highlight the center of your lids and inner corners for an extra pop.
  • For the grunge vibe, you can highlight your lower lash line with the metallic shades or simply apply the black gloss shade just like Huda Kattan did for the palette reveal.

Watch This Video: Pretty Grunge Eyeshadow Palette Look by Huda Kattan

Our Thoughts on Huda Beauty Pretty Grunge Eyeshadow Palette

Honestly, MakeupShift is a fan of Huda Beauty products and many of you can relate, however, our reviews are unbiased. We made recommendations of products after testing them thoroughly on our team and not on the personal likeness or dislikeness of a brand.

We are so proud to share our honest review of the Huda Beauty Pretty Grunge Eyeshadow Palette with our loyal audience.

Huda Kattan knocked it out again with this limited edition ‘Grunge Glam’ eyeshadow palette that features 18-well eyeshadows with ultra-pigmented formula and innovative texture that made fallout an impossible thing.

Huda did an amazing job with the shades selection of this palette, the smokey and cool-toned eyeshades are all you need for the grunge theme glam, everyday look, and fall/winter makeup trends.

The matte nudes and monochromatic foils will make you fall in love with this palette not to mention the shimmery sparkly blacks and silvers, ahhh!

The best thing is these shades are buildable, for a daily glam or natural makeup look you can go with the subtle touch and for the grunge glam or bold makeup look just layered them for the desired intensity without worrying about creasing.

The eyeshadows in this palette have remarkable staying power. When applied over a good eyeshadow primer, they can last throughout the day without fading or creasing. This longevity is perfect for those who need their eye makeup to look fresh and vibrant from morning to night.

The versatility of the Pretty Grunge Eyeshadow Palette is one of its standout features. With a combination of smokey and cool-toned shades, you can create a myriad of looks for various occasions, from soft daytime looks to bold and sultry evening makeup.

Whether you prefer a subtle, natural appearance or a more dramatic, grunge-inspired vibe, this palette has you covered.

Note: Huda Beauty Pretty Grunge Eyeshadow Palette is a limited edition Huda Beauty Palette from its latest ‘Pretty Grunge Collection’ We are not sure how long this palette is available so hurry up and buy it before it goes out of stock or if Huda Beauty stopped manufacturing it.

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