11 Best Green Lipstick To Try In 2023

Hey Beautiful! Are you bold enough to make your style a little edgy by wearing green lipstick?

If you’re passionate about sustainability and looking to make a bold statement with your makeup, then you’ve come to the right place.

Whether you decide to wear green lipstick for Halloween or just to be more dramatic in your makeup look, this guide will help you pick the best green lipstick to ace your wild and bold makeup look.

So, let’s get started!

Why Did Green Lipstick Become Trendy?

Green lipstick has becomes a major trend in the beauty industry for several compelling reasons.

·         To say goodbye to traditional lip colors

Green lipstick provides a unique twist to traditional lip colors, allowing makeup lovers to express their creativity and make a bold fashion statement.

It breaks away from the conventional pinks, reds, and nude lipsticks, giving makeup lovers a chance to experiment with vibrant, unexpected shades.

·         The rise of clean & environment-friendly makeup

The rise of environmental consciousness and sustainability has played a significant role in the trendiness of green lipstick.

As people become more aware of the impact of their choices on the planet, there is a growing demand for eco-friendly and cruelty-free makeup products.

Green lipstick fits this bill perfectly, as it is often formulated with natural, organic, and vegan ingredients, and is formulated using sustainable practices.

·         Social media influence

The influence of social media and beauty influencers cannot be overlooked. Platforms like Instagram and YouTube have featured stunning makeup looks featuring green lipstick, captivating the attention of millions of makeup lovers.

As these trends spread like wildfire across social media platforms, more and more people are drawn to the allure of the best green lipstick and are eager to try it themselves.

Things to Look For in a Green Lipstick Before Buying

Things to look in a lipstick

When buying green lipstick, there are several things to consider to ensure you find the best formula that suits your preferences and needs.

·         Formula and Finish

Consider the formula and finish of the green lipstick. Common finishes include matte, satin, glossy, and sheer. Each finish offers a different look and feels on the lips.

Also, pay attention to the formula’s texture, whether it is creamy, moisturizing, long-lasting, or transfer-proof. Choose a formula that sits with your preferences and desired lip texture.

·         Pigmentation and Coverage

The pigmentation and coverage of lipstick are important for achieving the desired color payoff. High pigmentation provides intense color with just one swipe, while sheerer formulas offer a more natural look.

Consider the coverage level you prefer, whether it’s buildable or full coverage.

·         Longevity and Durability

Look for green lipsticks that offer long-lasting wear, especially if you’re planning to wear them for extended periods or during special occasions.

Long-wearing lipsticks typically have better staying power and require fewer touch-ups throughout the day.

·         Ingredients and Formulation

Check the ingredients list to ensure the lipstick sits with your preferences and any specific needs you may have, such as vegan, organic, gluten-free, or cruelty-free options. Avoid lipsticks that contain harsh chemicals or potential allergens if you have sensitive skin.

·         Packaging and Application

While it may seem like a minor thing, the packaging and applicator can significantly impact your lipstick experience.

Look for functional packaging that is easy to use and travel-friendly. Consider the applicator shape and size, like a traditional bullet, a doe-foot wand, or a brush, based on your personal likeness and ease of application.

·         Reviews and Recommendations

Before making a purchase, it’s helpful to read reviews and recommendations from other consumers or trusted sources.

Look for feedback on factors like pigmentation, longevity, comfort, and overall satisfaction to get a better idea of the product’s performance.

By considering these factors and doing your research, you can make an informed decision and find the best green lipstick that enhances your beauty or creativity and meets your specific preferences and requirements.

11 Best Green Lipstick in 2023

11 best green lipstick list

Now that you know why green lipsticks are trending in 2023 and what factors you must consider before buying green lipstick, we can dive straight into the list of ’11 best green lipstick.’

1.      Maybelline: Color Sensational Green Lipstick

Maybelline color sensational green lipstick

Maybelline Color Sensational Green Lipstick is a great option for those looking for the best green lipstick with exceptional pigmentation on a budget.

This lipstick provides a bold vibrant color to lips that truly captures attention. With just one swipe, the intense pigmentation of the Maybelline Green Lipstick delivers a bold and impactful green hue that stands out from the crowd.

The texture of this lipstick is creamy matte and the formulation ensures that the color appears intense and true to its shade, allowing you to create a striking and eye-catching look.

The shade is carefully created to strike a perfect balance between being bold and wearable. The deep green color offers a captivating touch to your makeup, allowing you to make a statement and express your unique style.

2.      NYX Cosmetics: Macaron Lippies Lipstick Lime Green

NYX macaron lippie green lipstick

NYX Cosmetics Macaron Lippies Lipstick in Lime Green is a recommended daring and vibrant green lipstick.

This particular shade is part of the Macaron Lippies collection, which is known for its bold and unconventional color range.

The Lime Green shade is a standout, providing an electrifying green hue that instantly grabs attention. The pigmentation of this lipstick is exceptional, you can achieve your desired pigment in just one swipe.

NYX Macaron Lippies Lipstick has a smooth and creamy texture. The formula glides effortlessly on the lips, providing a comfortable and even application.

The lipstick feels lightweight and hydrating, ensuring that your lips stay moisturized throughout wear. The creamy consistency also contributes to the lipstick’s longevity, offering extended wear without compromising on color intensity.

3.      7V Home Beauty: Green Matte Liquid Lipstick

7v home green lipstick

7V Home Beauty Green Matte Liquid Lipstick is recommended for its long-lasting and great formula that does not let it crack, fade, or transfer for up to 16 hours.

The texture of this green lipstick is liquid matte, you feel like lotion consistency. It is very comfortable on the lips but if you have sensitive skin or gluten sensitivity, we recommend you do a patch test before applying it to your lips.

The pigment of this lipstick is very bold and intense, you don’t need reapplication after a few hours. When you apply this lipstick wait to let it dry completely before you eat or drink.

Quick Tip: You can add any moisturizing cream to this matte lipstick it will help the lipstick stay longer without drying or cracking your lips.

4.      Gucci Rouge à Lèvres Mat Matte Lipstick in Valentine Verdant

Gucci green lipstick

We all love Gucci for its high-end makeup products and guess what Gucci has the top green lipstick for all makeup lovers.

Gucci Rouge à Lèvres Mat Matte Lipstick in Valentine Verdant is a luxurious and highly formulated product that offers a stunning matte finish in a captivating green shade.

This lipstick is part of Gucci’s renowned Rouge à Lèvres Mat collection, the Valentine Verdant shade captures attention with its deep, lush green hue that adds a touch of sophistication and drama to any makeup look.

The formula is designed to provide a velvety matte finish that is both comfortable and long-wearing. With its intense pigmentation, this green Lipstick delivers bold and opaque color in just one swipe, ensuring a statement-making impact.

The sleek and elegant packaging further enhances the luxurious experience, reflecting Gucci’s commitment to both quality and aesthetics.

5.      Maki Yika: Forbidden Forest Green Lipstick

Maki Yika forbidden green lipstick

Maki Yika Forbidden Forest Green Lipstick is water-proof and kiss-proof green lipstick. This lipstick has made it to our list of ‘best green lipstick’for its 12 hours non-stick formula.

This lipstick has a matte finish and can stay on your lips all day long without any touch-ups or reapplications.

Apart from its matte finish, this lipstick feels so light on the lips. You don’t feel heavy or thick after applying this green lipstick, its creamy texture sits very nicely on the lips making it transfer and kiss-proof.

The applicator of this liquid matte lipstick is perfectly precise for smooth application, it comes with an extra lip liner brush which helps create sharp and filled lip corners.

Also, Maki Yika green lipstick is 100% cruelty-free. The brand claims that if any customer doesn’t like the shade or formula they can simply return for a refund, isn’t it great?

6.      Bloody Mary Cosmetics: Green Lipstick

Blood marry green lipstick

Bloddy Marry Green Lipstick can be your ideal pick for Halloween. This green lipstick has a long-lasting cream texture when apply to lips it provides a radiant and captivating look.

This lipstick is specially designed for a Halloween look but if you want to wear it for your creative or bold makeup look then you can definitely try it.

The pigment of this green lipstick is rich and outrageous, and the formula of this lipstick is just right for your Halloween party lips, your lips won’t feel chapped after applying this lipstick.

If you are looking for green lipstick for your night-out looks we recommend you try any other green lipstick from this list, you might not like Bloody Mary Green lipstick for your night-outs.

We did not find an ingredient list for this lipstick therefore, we can not say whether or not it’s vegan or cruelty-free.

7.      Kuckian: Dark Green Lipstick

Kuckian dark green lipstick

Kuckian Dark Green Lipstick is a perfect addition to your clean lipstick collection. This lipstick comes in a stick form with a velvety matte finish.

This lipstick is 100% vegan, gluten-free, and cruelty-free formulated with Vitamin E and high-quality antioxidants to provide you bold green lips without damaging them.

This lipstick comes with 2 applicators for extra sharp lip corners to enhance your dramatic wild makeup look.

The brand claims that this lipstick can stay un-touch for up to 12 hours however, we don’t think the same. It requires touch-ups for a long-lasting stay.

8.      Fran Wilson: MOODmatcher Lipstick Green

Fran Wilson Moodmatch green lipstick

Fran Wilson Moodmatcher Lipstick Green is not an ordinary green lipstick. What makes it special is its color-changing properties.

This lipstick has green color but when applied to lips it changes its color according to skin tone. This lipstick can enhance your skin complexion by adjusting to it.

This Moodmatcher Lipstick can stay up to 12 hours. It can be used as lip balm or for a natural or no-makeup makeup look.

Quick Tip: You can apply this lipstick onto your cheeks to give them a natural blush effect.

9.      Mynena Cosmetics: Dark Green Liquid Lipstick

Myena cosmetics dark green lipstick

If you are looking for the top green lipstick that is both Paraben and gluten-free then look no further than Mynena Cosmetics Dark Green Liquid Lipstick.

This green liquid lipstick provides a deep, rich green shade that boosts confidence and individuality.

This green lipstick is formulated with natural and mineral ingredients, no harsh ingredient or fragrance is used which makes it best for sensitive skin.

The pigmentation of this lipstick is exceptional with its long-lasting, lightweight, and smudge-proof formula this lipstick can highlight your style statement with creamy, glossy, and bold lips.

10.  Nicka K: Vivid Matte Lipstick in Sea Green

Nicka K vivid green lipstick

Nicka K Vivid Matte Lipstick in Sea Green is a bold and vibrant green lip color lipstick. The formula provides a velvety matte finish that feels comfortable and lightweight on the lips.

What sets Nicka K Vivid Matte Sea Green Lipstick apart as the best green lipstick is its exceptional quality at an affordable price point.

It offers a high-end feel and performance without breaking the bank. With its long-lasting formula and standout shade, this lipstick is a fantastic option for those looking to experiment with green lips and make a fashionable impact.

11.  3ina: Essential Green Lipstick

3ina essential green lipstick

Last but not least,we have 3ina Essential Green Lipstick in our ‘best green lipstick’ list, it is a classic green lipstick with a matte satin finish that lasts up to 5 hours.

This lipstick is formulated with vegetable waxes and essential oils to provide the right hydration to your lips.

This green lipstick comes with a magnetic case so that it won’t stain your expensive handbag and you can easily carry it with you at your Halloween parties.

As far as the pigment is concerned, this lipstick has full-coverage pigment. You can apply it on your naked lips and it will provide a true match color to your lips.

Final Words

Green lipsticks have become a new trend in the beauty world. Many beauty influencers are using different green lipsticks to create wild and bold makeup looks.

Therefore, we decided to compile a list of ‘best green lipstick’ to help our readers find the best green lipstick to create their creative makeup looks.

If you are looking for budget-friendly yet high-quality green lipstick then ‘Maybelline Color Sensational Green Lipstick’ is perfect for you.

If you want high-end luxury green lipstick then look no further than ‘Gucci Rouge à Lèvres Mat Matte Lipstick in Valentine Verdant’.

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